Awlidan is a world with an uneasy future. Some would say its greatest days were before the Cataclysm where magic was infused in every part of the world. Magnificent things were done with magic during the Age of Legends, the likes of which have not been seen since. Though this is an arguable theory, the world is changing and the future is not guaranteed. A Prophecy has foretold the destruction of all, or the coming of an Age that will out shine all others. The strings of Prophecy mention the fall of gods and mankind reaching for the Heavens. The Age of Destiny is dawning, and the Saga continues.

The Awlidan Saga is a story of heroes around the globe trying to keep their world from falling apart. Though they know nothing of their counterparts, they are all working together to assure the future of mankind.

The Awlidan Saga

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